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Nutritional Factors

Many people think a chubby cat is cute but what most people don’t realize is that carrying around all that excess weight can be detrimental to a cat’s health.  Feline obesity can lead to diabetes, an increased risk for arthritis pain, and degenerative joint disease.  At Just Cats, we offer complimentary weight checks and customized diet recommendations for all patients based off the veterinarian’s recommended weight goal and body condition.  Below is a chart that lists common feline diet brands and their nutritional factors.

Cat Food Nutrition Chart

Importance of a Canned Diet 

A common misconception about a cat’s diet is that there are dental benefits from eating dry food; however, as many cat owners may know, most cats do not chew their food.  Studies have shown that a primarily canned diet is better for a cat’s overall health.  The moisture in canned food promotes healthy kidney and bladder function, proper hydration, and a healthy weight.  We know many kitties are “addicted” to dry food and transitioning to a canned diet can be difficult.  Below is an article that outlines some tips and hints on transitioning your cat from a dry diet to a canned diet.

Transitioning Feline Dry Food Addicts to Canned Food