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Referral Program

Many cats have advanced disease on initial presentation due to subtle changes that may go unnoticed by owners. That’s where we can assist! Just Cats Veterinary Services was founded in 1994 with a mission to provide exemplary service to our feline patients. Since we handle only cats, we are very familiar with their unique metabolism, nutritional demands, incidences of specific diseases, and medications that can be used safely as well as handling even the most anxious of cats.

Referral Form

We can be of assistance to your veterinary team, as well as your clients and patients, by handling more labor-intensive cases. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • House-soiling and other behavior issues
  • Stomatitis and severe dental disease
  • Chronic upper and lower urinary tract diseases
  • Unresponsive hypertension
  • Difficult to manage diabetics and uncommon endocrinopathies such as acromegaly
  • hyperadrenocorticism and Conn’s syndrome
  • Liver disease
  • Chronic vomiting +/- weight loss, chronic diarrhea
  • Chronic rhinitis/sinusitis
  • Unresponsive dermatitis
  • Cardiac and respiratory diseases
  • Pleural and peritoneal effusion cases

We can evaluate, stabilize, and provide a long-term treatment plan and return these cases to you ASAP.

Benefits of referral to JCVS include:

  • Intermediate care that may not require a large referral center
  • Closer proximity for clients than large referral centers
  • Lower costs to clients than large referral facilities for intermediate care
  • Excellent communication and support for referring veterinarians
  • Fear-free approach with no dogs
  • Quick return of cases to allow referring veterinarians the opportunity to continue management

Referral Questionnaire

  • Referring Veterinarian Information

  • Client Information

  • Patient Information

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please send all pertinent medical records (notes, labs, and imaging) to
    If you are unable to email, please fax to 281-367-0700.

I have known & often consulted with Dr Cindy McManis for 25 years. Just Cats Veterinary Services in the Woodlands has been a great resource for many of my feline referrals for most of that time span. Dr. McManis and her DVM colleagues & staff are not just knowledgeable, but they genuinely love the feline species. They truly bond with every cat lover that communicates with them, but are also so helpful to me when I assume follow up care of my patient. I honestly never hesitate to recommend their feline veterinary services.

Stan Zbylot, DVM

I’m grateful to have the ability to refer my complicated feline cases to the doctors and staff at Just Cats Veterinary Services. Dr McManis is well respected amongst feline practitioners throughout the country and has dedicated her career to treating cats. Her ABVP feline certification sets her apart from other veterinarians in Houston. Working with her for many years I used to get the sense she could listen to cats with her hands and almost see through them. Dr McManis has developed a staff that is dedicated to a fear free experience and understands feline behavior. I prefer to refer patients to JCVS over the larger centers that mainly see dogs and have not created the environment catering to feline care.

Todd Hayden, DVM