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Our Clinic Cats

O'Malley the Clinic Cat
Smelly the Spoiled Brat

O’Malley came to us in 2011 as a stray.  After several attempts to find his home, we decided to keep him since our previous clinic cat, Mommy, had been retired from service.  O’Malley has had the opportunity to save a few kitty lives by donating his blood but you will find him most days laying on the cat tree in the reception area or in one of his many cat beds located around the clinic.

You can follow O’Malley on Instagram to see what kind of shenanigans he gets into every day!

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Little Bill

Little Bill (AKA Bill Jr.) is a stray black and white cat that was trapped, neutered, and released outside of the clinic in January of 2011.  The staff at the time attempted to transition Little Bill into an indoor cat but the indoor lifestyle was just not for him.  Little Bill was released back into his “natural habitat” where he resumed his clinic guard duty. He visits the clinic frequently in hopes of getting a free handout of food, sleeps on top of the staff vehicles, and talks to O’Malley through the reception windows. We love him dearly and always look forward to visits even though he only accepts us from afar.